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Avante Bali was established on 1996, in partnership with our cargo branch company P.T Bali Intercont Cargo. It was established to introduce Indonesian products, in one stop service so you don’t have to worry about delivery. Our clients come from diverse countries and cultures such as Germany, France, Spain, Japan, USA, Canada, Kuwait and others.

Located in Bali, which already well-known for its creativity and hospitality industry, we assist you by understanding your needs and requirement for the right products, showing you the right manufacturers and dependable suppliers and giving you our full attention from the moment of purchase to the moment where the ordered items arrive at your doorstep.

Avante Bali acts as the sourcing agent for overseas clients. From privately owned gallery, department store, wholesale distributors, architect and interior designer. We have a wide quality product range for our customers in different markets and requirements, be it a one-of-a-kind antique piece or wholesale crafts products. Our experiences for working with the local material and Indonesia’s talented craftsmen will help you to save cost and time.

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