Our portfolio, home to our latest, and greatest work.

Our Recent Collaboration


We proudly present our recent collaboration with the talented photographer and stylist, Miss Bunga Jehnsen from Image Haus. The collaboration was for Avante Bali’s long time client, Sharanel Inc. We realize that marketing is an inseparable part of your business and it is our pleasure to assist you in achieving a profitable venture. Producing a […]

The Buying Trip: Our Style


Do you want to know how we roll? This is our typical buying trip schedule: 9AM picking up the buyer at their hotel 9.15AM discussing our itinerary for the day (or the next few days) 9.30AM hitting the road while the buyer keep well, buying buying buying 1PM lunching while discussing various things from shipment […]

this used to be a boat


and someone, somewhere, had an eureka moment and made a furniture out of it. Now, we have tables, chairs, bed, TV cabinet and even a wine shelf made form recycled wooden boats! Take a look at some of our best findings and e-mail us at ask@avantebali.com if you want to find more products to suit […]

what we do


OUR LIMIT IS YOUR IMAGINATION. Our product range included: • Furnitures (Outdoor & Indoor) Material varies from wood, rattan, sea grass, etc. • Architectural & Landscape Elements Garden features, stone sculptures, building material such as marble, stones, terrazzo or anything in between • Antiques & Reproduction House elements, sculptures, artifacts from Bali, Indonesia or South […]

Things We Shipped #1


…alias some of our best seller items. We shipped plenty of paintings lately. Who could blame our buyers? They have so many styles, price range and talents to choose. Other items  are recycled wooden furniture, paras carving for wall or room divider and stones, lots and lots of stone! Drop us some challenge, the next […]